How long does Clayform take to degrade?

Clayform project

How long does Clayform take to degrade?

Over many years we’ve developed the premier honeycomb void former which is used on many thousands of construction projects every year. We’ve struck the balance for both structural engineers and contractors for rigidity and strength pre-pour while still allowing for the critical zero load transfer degradation post-pour; the primary requirement of any collapsible void former product.

However we often get asked: How long does it take to degrade? This is a good question.

There are several elements affecting the degradation timeframe, for example soil moisture content, wet and dry seasons, and removal or introduction of surrounding flora. As an indication the void former will take 6-12 months to degrade, however its capacity begins decreasing as soon as the moisture from the ground reaches it. This prevents it from transferring load to the underside of the slab.

For projects requiring rapid degradation moisture can be introduced using a connected pipe system.

Above: Clayform panel under slab, after concrete pour

To learn more about Clayform, visit Honeycomb Cardboard Void Former | Clayform by Litecorp

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