CLAYFORM helps achieve Stringent Sustainability and Social Procurement Goals on Kangan Health Project

Kangan Health Institute Bendigo Clayform


Hutchinson Builders took on the significant task of constructing the Kangan Health Institute, a high-spec government facility situated on a reactive soil site in Bendigo, VIC. This particular development presented distinctive challenges, given its commitment to stringent sustainability and social procurement goals.

The Challenge

Dual Complexity: Government Project with Social Responsibility Goals on a Reactive Soil Site 

The Kangan Institute Facility, envisioned as a forward-thinking community center, demanded excellence across all project phases. Hutchinson Builders faced the intricate challenge of stabilizing the slab in reactive clay soil while adhering to rigorous procurement objectives, aiming for 90% reliance on local goods and services. Addressing ground heave risk was crucial, considering the potential for costly structural damage in the long term.

The Solution:  

CLAYFORM Sacrificial Void Forming System – A Multifaceted Solution

LiteCorp provided an ideal solution with the CLAYFORM void forming system, addressing multiple challenges in the project. This versatile solution effectively stabilized the suspended slab, meeting the criteria for both structural stability and adherence to the 90% local content goal. The CLAYFORM’s unique fibre-based properties supported the load of concrete during pouring, gradually breaking down over time, leaving a genuine void. This innovative approach eliminates the impact of upward force transmitted to structure due to ground heave, ensuring the structural integrity of the project.

” The robust honeycomb structure provided good strength and stability with each panel being well wrapped in a heavy polythene bag for protection from the elements.”

In line with Hutchinson Builders’ commitment to sourcing 90% local content, LiteCorp’s Australian Made certification significantly contributed to the project’s social responsibility. The CLAYFORM void forming system, manufactured using 100% recycled material emerged as a highly ethical choice for slab void forming in reactive soils.

Exceptional Service:  

Commitment to Project Success

LiteCorp’s commitment extended beyond delivering the product; Effective communication, robust technical support, and timely deliveries streamlined the entire process, reflecting LiteCorp’s dedication to exceeding the expectations of industry leaders like Hutchinson Builders.

We extend our congratulations to Hutchinson Builders on this project and acknowledge their expertise and vision, which have played a pivotal role in advancing both social and environmental initiatives.

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