Case Study: Reactive Soil at Large Format Storage Warehouse Project

National Storage Moorooka Clayform

Case Study: National Storage Warehouse Project with Reactive Soil Challenges 

Creating Floor Slabs the Smart Way! Ground heave challenges met, as LiteCorp keeps another large-format slab construction project on schedule with the innovative Clayform Void Forming System.

The Challenge

Ground Heave Risk with large floor slab area

FKG Group faced ground heave risk at their reactive soil site in Moorooka QLD. Engineering solutions were needed to guarantee the long-term stability of the structure.  Failing to address this issue could lead to catastrophic consequences. Given the extensive floor area of the storage warehouse a cost-effective solution to overcome this reactive soil challenge was imperative.

The Solution:  

Clayform – The Degradable Void Former with Speedy Installation Benefits

Clayform Void Form System proves to be a very effective method of mitigating ground heave risk, also offering financial and time saving advantages.  The Clayform Void Form panels degrade after the initial concrete pour, leaving a genuine void to counteract ground movement. Further information about Clayform can be found here.

The builder for this project reports that they were able to halve the installation process, resulting in significant savings in time, labour and cost. Clayform Void Form Panels are available in large format size and are easily cut to size. This translates to hours saved in handling and installing fewer, but larger sheets compared to conventional void form products.  As an Australian manufacturer, LiteCorp met demand and provided staged deliveries to site to keep the project on track. Clayform is also available as a pre-bagged option to maintain the integrity of the product in wet weather. FKG shared the benefit of the efficient installation with Clayform:

“The Litecorp Clayforms competitive advantage was the ability to pre-bag, pre-cut & provide a larger width sheet.  When working with the quantities we had, efficiency and mitigating the use of power tools for cutting was key.”

Clayform successfully addressed the soil challenge and enhanced efficiencies in the slab construction with timed deliveries, helping to keep the project on schedule.

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Clayform sheets cut to s

Ground Heave Challenges solved with CLAYFORM

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