How do you protect Clayform onsite prior to installation?

Protect Clayform onsite before installation

How do you protect Clayform onsite prior to installation?

In an ideal situation Clayform would be delivered as close to installation time as possible. Our scheduling manager works closely with your site team to achieve this outcome wherever possible but we all know construction plans can change rapidly with unexpected issues and delays arising. In the time leading up to installation ensuring your void form panels are well-shielded from the elements is essential to maintain the structural integrity, given its paper based nature.

All Clayform pallets are delivered wrapped in a protective plastic wrap.  In dry conditions, the pallets of Clayform panels can simply be stacked onsite in a safe/flat location.

We also offer the option of individually bagging Clayform void form panels when wet weather is predicted. This provides an additional layer of protection against the weather, ensuring your materials stay in prime condition until use. Storage under tarpaulins or containers will further shield panels when maximum protection is required.

“The robust honeycomb structure provided good strength and stability with each panel being well wrapped in a heavy polythene bag for protection from the elements.” Hutchinson Builders

Bagged Clayform Void Form Panels

Individually Bagged Clayform being installed onsite


To learn more about Clayform, visit Honeycomb Cardboard Void Former | Clayform by Litecorp

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