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Reliably Sourcing Local Honeycomb Cardboard (Made in Australia, No Delays)

By Lite Group | May 5, 2020

Australian businesses have been knocked over by global trade restrictions. Why not source your honeycomb packaging, construction or display products from a local company to save money and attract loyal customers? Most of the world is reeling from the COVID-19 crisis right now. Not only are Aussies worried about their health, but struggling businesses are…

Lite Group’s Innovative Envirocore Range Piques Visitor Interest at PrintEx19

By Lite Group | May 4, 2020

Co-located with Visual Impact, PrintEx19 is one of Australia’s leading exhibitions showcasing exhibitors in the display, signage, wide-format printing, labelling and packaging industries. Held between Melbourne and Sydney, the PrintEx biannual event is a not-to-be-missed expo for exhibitors as well as attendees in the print industry. The comprehensive business-to-business event is aimed at serving the…

Why You Should Choose Honeycomb Cardboard for Printboard and Displays (Instead of Polystyrene Foam)

Why You Should Choose Honeycomb Cardboard for Printboard and Displays (Instead of Polystyrene Foam)

By Lite Group | April 22, 2020

Businesses that create display boards often use products that feature polystyrene foam. This is bad news for the environment, since foam isn’t biodegradable or sustainable. Here’s an alternative: honeycomb cardboard is 100% recyclable, economical, durable and lightweight.  Display boards are a popular form of advertising for businesses of all sizes – effectively pulling the attention…

Honeycomb Cardboard Void Formers – Adding Strength and Stability to Australian Homes and Buildings

By Lite Group | March 27, 2020

Geological studies have indicated that unstable expansive soils, often called reactive soils, occur all over Australia and New Zealand. In simple terms, ‘reactive soil’ refers to the reaction of soil to fluctuating moisture content which affects soil stability. By nature, soil expands, contracts or shifts with a rise or drop in moisture levels. The more…

How Honeycomb Cardboard is Revolutionising the Print, Packaging, Transport and Construction Industries

By Lite Group | March 27, 2020

With the push towards environmentally-friendly solutions in every area of business, Honeycomb cardboard is quickly replacing the use of metal, wood, corrugated board and plastic in several industries. Honeycomb cardboard consists of Kraft paper shaped into hexagonal cells which are glued together with facing materials into a rigid board.  The material is recyclable, has a…

APCO’s Role in the Packaging Industry and Your Business

By Lite Group | December 26, 2019

Sustainability is a hot topic for the private and public sectors across the globe. Although the concept isn’t new, it has gained traction as the effects of climate change get worse. The need for the adoption of sustainable practices has extended to a vast range of industries and sectors. The packaging industry, in particular, is encouraged…


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