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Lite Corp is the leading honeycomb cardboard manufacturer and supplier in Australia.

Whether the required application be in the printing, packaging, display, warehousing, freight or construction industries, Lite Corp has a cost-effective and customisable honeycomb cardboard solution that is strong, lightweight, environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

Our passion for innovation and designing environmental sustainable solutions across a broad range of industries has laid the foundation for our success. We are a proud Australian manufacturer and always seeking new partnerships with other driven and environmentally conscious organisations.

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The Honeycomb Advantage

Paper honeycomb cardboard is extremely lightweight, however it also possesses enormous strength due to its use of a hexagonal shaped core. This means it can cushion items and support surprisingly heavy loads effectively without adding any significant weight to shipment and handling.

- 100% recyclable (easy to do through kerbside recycling)

- Completely degradable

- Economical

- Lightweight

- Eco-friendly signage is easy to assemble, dismantle and transport

- Extremely strong with a high compressive strength: withstanding heavy loads

- Stunning print quality when coupled with Kraft or white facing

- The board can easily be shaped, cut and customised

- Available in many sizes

- Easily machinable

- No fuss or wastage

- No ISPM15 requirement for export purposes

Australian Made

Strong Form

Light Weight

100% Recyclable

Environmentally Friendly

Custom Options

Versatile Applications

Fast Delivery

Our commitment to sustainability

Our vision is to produce a range of sustainable honeycomb cardboard products that help businesses in various industries meet and exceed their environmental impact reduction goals. Our success is driven by our commitment to innovative excellence in manufacturing and a comprehensive research and development (R&D) program.

Honeycomb cardboard is 100% recyclable and suits the green credentials of businesses without compromising cost or function, while also appealing to consumers. No fuss, no wastage or costly replacements, just strong and safely disposable material.

About Lite Corp

Lite Corp is the leading honeycomb cardboard manufacturer in Australia.

We have been manufacturing a range of innovative honeycomb cardboard products locally in Australia since 2015. Having successfully launched our void filler line for the construction industry, we have now expanded our range to include innovative packaging solutions through to premium printable graphic board products.

Lite Corp delivers manufacturing excellence, a commitment to sustainability, and excellent customer service.

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