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Case Study: Deco Aluminum finds LitePack as an ideal solution for fragile freight protection

Revolutionising Protection: The Journey of Deco Aluminium with Litepack Honeycomb

In the realm of home decor and signage, Deco Aluminium stands as a beacon of innovation and quality. Renowned for their specialist coating systems, product durability and aesthetics, this Australian manufacturer has redefined the standard for splashbacks and cladding.

However challenges with dispatch arose over time, particularly as volumes of the splashbacks increased. These unique pieces of craftsmanship are made in varying sizes to suit the end client and need to arrive in perfect condition. Traditional packaging solutions such as polystyrene (EPS) often led to damaged splashbacks and disgruntled customers. Something had to change.

Enter LitePack Honeycomb: A Sustainable Solution

In their quest for a solution, Deco Aluminium discovered LitePack Honeycomb Cardboard – a game-changer in the realm of packaging. Made locally from recyclable materials and with a unique engineered core, Litepack offered the perfect blend of strength and customisable sizing. Deco’s decision to integrate Litepack into their dispatch process proved a stroke of genius. Not only did it provide unparalleled protection for their goods, but it also aligned seamlessly with their commitment to sustainability. Customers received their orders intact and undamaged, ushering in a new era of peace of mind for both Deco Aluminium and those they served. Customers can now simply recycle the Litepack, diverting extensive waste from landfill each year. A National Waste Report from 2020 reported that approximately 25-30% polystyrene consumed was recycled, which suggests a huge portion ends in landfill. National Waste Report 2020 (

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In the words of Suzanne Devenport, Production Manager at Deco: “Customer satisfaction is really important to us …. we know that our customers are happy that their splash-backs arrive in great condition thanks to LiteCorp packaging”.

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