CLAYFORM solved challenges in creating bridging structure for Data Centre

SYD054 Data Centre Clayform

Case Study: CLAYFORM solved challenges for bridging structure on SYD054 Data Centre

When Hutchinson Builders undertook the SYD054 Data Centre project, they faced a distinct need: creating a bridging structure to safeguard sensitive data cables. The catch? Absolutely no load could be placed on these vital cables, calling for an unconventional yet dependable solution.

“As a builder on a Tier-1 Data Centre project we have a range of demanding engineering elements.” 

The Challenge: Safeguarding Sensitive Data Cables

Sensitive data cables are the lifeline of the modern world, facilitating communication for companies across Australia. Hutchies faced the formidable task of preserving these essential cables within a bridging structure during the construction of the SYD054 Data Centre. Their challenge was twofold: to create a narrow void that could house the cables while ensuring no additional weight or pressure would be placed upon them. Failure in this delicate operation could have catastrophic financial and data security consequences.

SYD054 Data Centre CLAYFORM Project

The Solution: CLAYFORM Collapsible Void Form System

In their quest for a solution, Hutchinson Builders turned to Litecorp and with its CLAYFORM Void Forming System, an innovative and lightweight engineered honeycomb sheet. Designed to withstand the weight of the concrete pour and degrade over time to create the necessary void in concrete structures, it provided the ideal answer to Hutchinson Builders’ challenge.

  • Lightweight: CLAYFORM’s design ensures no additional load is placed on the sensitive data cables. This feature allowed Hutchinson Builders to create the required void without risking cable stress.
  • Sacrificial: CLAYFORM degrades after use, leaving a void in the structure. This feature was crucial for Hutchinson Builders, allowing the system to serve its purpose & decompose without impacting the cables or the structure.

“We ended up using Clayform on the project and were impressed; the product had excellent strength capability, achieving the loading requirements ourselves and the structural engineers needed. It was also lightweight and easy for our team to handle.”

Hutchinson Builders, Site Manager

Conclusion: Precision Problem Solving

The success of the SYD054 Data Centre project depended on Hutchinson Builders’ ability to address this critical challenge, and they accomplished it with the help of the CLAYFORM Void Form System. By selecting CLAYFORM, they not only created the necessary void within their bridging structure but also ensured the safety of sensitive data cables.

This case underscores the power of innovation and the importance of collaboration between construction experts and technology providers. In the ever-evolving world of construction, the right tools and partnerships can make all the difference. For solutions to your unique slab engineering challenges, contact LiteCorp today at 1300 955 002.

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