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Reliably Sourcing Local Honeycomb Cardboard

Source local honeycomb cardboard

Australian businesses have been knocked over by global trade restrictions. Why not source your honeycomb packaging, construction or display products from a local company to save money and attract loyal customers?

Most of the world is reeling from the COVID-19 crisis right now.

Not only are Aussies worried about their health, but struggling businesses are also changing how they operate to stay afloat.

The Guardian reports that two-thirds of Australian businesses have taken a hit to their revenue or cashflow – due to problems related to COVID-19. This creates immense financial and emotional stress, as managers make tough decisions and lay off staff.

When it comes to manufacturing:

Many companies that rely on foreign trade can no longer source their materials in a timely way – thanks to supply shortages associated with widespread border closures.

There’s also the question of quality. Some international manufacturers may cut corners to meet supply demands. Australian businesses that sell sub-par products risk losing their customers to competitors, if this happens.

The World Trade organisation predicts that global trade will fall between 13 and 32 percent in 2020.

Australia’s dependence on overseas manufacturing is becoming an obvious problem to businesses and customers alike and the cost is high.

This very much applies to companies that sell construction, display and cardboard packaging products from overseas too.

But there’s a silver lining.

Businesses now have the opportunity to consider sourcing their supplies locally.

The best part?

This is exactly what many Aussies want, as the ‘buy local’ movement gains traction in Australia amid the coronavirus crisis.

Even on the world stage, consumers prefer local. A Nielsen survey found that 11 per cent of global consumers say they only buy products manufactured in their country, while another 54 per cent mostly buy local products.

Luckily for our customers, Lite Corp already make ALL of our products in Australia.

We sell local paper honeycomb cardboard…

Our honeycomb cardboard is incredibly versatile.

It’s used by printers, designers and construction companies.

Here are some of its applications…

Paper honeycomb cardboard display signage:

  • POS signage
  • POP displays
  • Portable display boards
  • Shop fittings
  • Exhibition graphics
  • Mounting board
  • Digital printing
  • Wide-format screen printing
  • Semi-permanent or permanent installations
  • Pin boards
  • Divider walls
  • Partition panels
  • Whiteboard underlay
  • Hoarding systems
  • Lightweight decorative beams
  • Acoustic systems

Paper honeycomb cardboard packaging:

  • One way disposable pallets / skids
  • Pallet pads and dividers to protect fragile goods in transit
  • Dunnage options for freight solutions

Construction applications:

  • Void former for reactive soils

What is paper honeycomb cardboard?

In case you’re not already familiar with the product…

Honeycomb cardboard is a durable, lightweight and sustainable material that’s made out of cardboard (as the name suggests).

Its appeal lies in the honeycomb design at its core – sheets of Kraft paper that are shaped into hexagonal cells and glued together to form a rigid board. This core is then placed between two layers of cardboard to create high tensile strength.

Other benefits include:

  • 100% recyclable
  • Completely degradable
  • Economical
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble, dismantle and transport
  • Extremely strong with a high compressive strength: support for heavy loads
  • Stunning print quality
  • Easily cuttable
  • Available in many sizes
  • No ISPM15 requirement for export purposes

Where to buy honeycomb cardboard…

Are you trying honeycomb cardboard for the first time, or reconsidering your current supplier in light of COVID-19 trade restrictions?

Please support the Australian economy by purchasing a brand that’s made here.

Lite Corp honeycomb cardboard manufacturers (made in Australia):

Printing, design and construction companies use our honeycomb cardboard because they want to create sustainable, durable and local products for their consumers.

As an Australian company, we make EVERYTHING here.

  • You won’t lose money due to trade restrictions that have been placed on overseas suppliers.
  • There are no delays: we use fast national delivery to reach our customers in a timely way.
  • We’ve been doing this since 2015 and never compromise on quality. Our team always strives for excellence in manufacturing, research and design.

If you want to find out more about our paper honeycomb cardboard products, call us on 1300 955 002 or click here to contact us.

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