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How Paper Honeycomb Cardboard is Revolutionising the Print, Packaging, Transport and Construction Industries

With the push towards environmentally-friendly solutions in every area of business, paper honeycomb cardboard is quickly replacing the use of metal, wood, corrugated cardboard and plastic in several industries.

Paper honeycomb cardboard consists of outside Kraft paper liners that encase a core of hexagonal cells, glued together into a rigid board.

The material is recyclable, has a high vertical compression resistance and load-bearing capacity. It is shock-absorbent and is, weight for weight, stronger than steel.

How a Honeycomb Structure is Made

A honeycomb structure is made by intermittently slitting a sheet of material so that longitudinal slits are aligned in staggered alternating rows. Each of the staggered rows has a lateral centreline spaced uniformly from adjacent row centrelines.

The longitudinal slits within each staggered row have uniform lateral spaces between every slit.

Continuous stripes of adhesive are applied laterally across the top side and bottom side of the sheet so that each stripe is spaced longitudinally apart and centred on a row of slits.

The pleats are pulled apart laterally to generate hexagonal cells, thus the term ‘honeycomb’ paper.

Benefits of Paper Honeycomb Cardboard

Paper honeycomb cardboard is being accepted as an ideal substitute for wood, plastic and metals in many industries.

Here are some reasons why paper honeycomb cardboard has gained wide acceptance all over the world:

  • Wide range of applications and reduces dependence on Wood, Plastic, Metal and EPS/Styrofoam.
  • Fully recyclable
  • Significantly less paper is used in the manufacturing process vs corrugated cardboard
  • Extremely strong with a high compressive strength depending on the size of the cell
  • Provides good cushioning and is highly resistant to vertical compression
  • Helps in reducing freight costs owing to its light weight
  • Safe to handle compared to items made from wood, plastic and steel
  • Exempt from ISPM 15 export requirements and does not require fumigation

Eco-Friendly Products for Printing, Manufacturing, Construction and Other Industries

Paper honeycomb cardboard has a wide range of applications, in the Printing, Packaging, Transport, Construction, Transport, Signage and Furniture industries.

Here are some useful applications of paper honeycomb cardboard:

Paper Honeycomb Cardboard Printboards

Paper honeycomb cardboard is now drawing considerable attention from the print and retail industry, with many retailers seeking premium quality printable boards as an alternative to foam and is also 100% recyclable.

The high-strength paper honeycomb cardboard is a lightweight replacement for weighty panel systems and can be easily assembled, dismantled and transported,.

The boards are perfectly suited for wide-format screen printing as well as digital printing.

All of these features make honeycomb print board the ideal for semi-permanent or permanent installations such as exhibition graphics, POP displays, POS signage and shop fittings.

Honeycomb Pallets

Honeycomb pallets are light in weight and are a convenient alternative to renting traditional pallets as the boards do not need to be returned and can be disposed of once the purpose is served.

Since they are designed and made to comply with the stringent shipping and freight procedures, paper honeycomb cardboard pallets save considerable costs and time associated with the inspection of wooden pallets destined for export.

Available in different sizes and weight-bearing limits, paper honeycomb cardboard pallets are a cost-effective option for one-way delivery as well as display of retail stock.

Honeycomb pallets can be disposed easily in compliance with international and national shipment requirements, making them an ideal substitute for wooden pallets.

Construction Industry Applications for Paper Honeycomb Cardboard

Construction engineers are often faced with the challenge of reactive soils which are present extensively across Australia. Some soils contain a higher proportion of clay and expand or contract when they come into contact with moisture. Hence the common practice of undertaking a geotechnical analysis of a proposed building site before commencing construction.

Paper honeycomb cardboard is used as a void forming solution in the construction industry. By creating a space or ‘void’ between the soil and concrete works, the upward force transmitted to the structure due to ground heave is removed.

Paper honeycomb cardboard voidformer panels support the load of concrete when it is poured. Since the panels are degradable and made from fibre-based raw materials, they break down over time.

Lite Corp Paper Honeycomb Cardboard – Made in Australia for Australian Conditions

Lite Corp is an Australian company, manufacturing innovative paper honeycomb cardboard products since 2015. We can supply high-quality paper honeycomb cardboard all over Australia as well as export to Asia. If you would like to explore opportunities for using paper honeycomb cardboard, click here to contact us or call us on 1300 955 002 and one of our experts to help you with your requirements.

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