Envirocore, Honeycomb Cardboard

Our Envirocore stand was a notable attraction at PacPrint

Envirocore at PacPrint

Lite Corp recently took part in a major trade exhibition for the Australia’s printing and graphics industry.

The PacPrint event was held in Melbourne from 28th June to 1st July.

Some of the most innovative printing and design technologies are celebrated at PacPrint, which typically occurs every four years.

Our key distribution partner Ball & Doggett featured our Envirocore range prominently in their display showing print businesses the benefits of using sustainable materials first hand.

The entire stand was made from our 100% recyclable honeycomb cardboard including a fun table tennis table. As with all Envirocore products, when the table is no longer needed it can be easily recycled.

As Australia’s largest distributor of printable materials, Ball & Doggett has no problems drawing a crowd at events – and this year was no exception. Many attendees were curious about the eye-catching stand and its innovative use of sustainable materials throughout.

Zaidee Jackson (Ball & Doggett) and Jonathan Baker (Lite Corp) spoke with PacPrint attendees about the benefits of disposing of print products in an eco-friendly way.

They also discussed why it’s important for retailers to use readily-available Australian-made products like Envirocore, especially in light of recent disruptions to the supply chain.

Lite Corp’s Jonathan Baker said:

“A lot of large chains and large companies can’t afford for their product to be out of stock. That’s why we make the products locally and it’s readily available, so we can supply you at a moment’s notice.”

If you want to find out more about any of our honeycomb cardboard products, contact us or call us on 1300 955 002.


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