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Delivering Peace of Mind with Australian Made Products

Manufacturing Line at LiteCorp Australia

Delivering Peace of Mind with Australian Made Products.

As Australia’s leading honeycomb cardboard manufacturer, LiteCorp offers sustainable solutions across key industries including construction, packaging, logistics and display. If you’re an Australian company seeking confidence in your supply chain, LiteCorp is your trusted partner.

For many Australians, supporting local industry is a must with a staggering 93% of Australians having a preference for Australian Made products (1). That’s why we’ve made it our policy to source Australian components first for all our products. With our paper sourced from Australian mills, we ensure superior quality, quicker turnaround times, and consistent availability that isn’t exposed to international shipping fluctuation. LiteCorp proudly supports local industries as a licensee of the Australian Made Campaign Lite Corp – The Australian Made Campaign.

Aussie products are made to some of the highest standards in the world. They are trusted and known for their safety and quality.

There is a huge appetite out there for Australian products, with country of origin increasingly playing an important part in purchasing decisions.  

When you buy Australian Made products, you are helping to employ thousands of Australians across all areas of the supply chain, strengthen local industries and support local communities.

Ben Lazzaro, Chief Executive of Australian Made

LiteCorp has also recently gained Forest Stewardship Council certification to further support our clients with their ESG and responsible sourcing objectives. Read more here: Exciting news! LiteCorp has achieved FSC accreditation – LITE CORP

Our versatile honeycomb cardboard solutions cater to diverse industries:

  • Construction: Empowering Aussie Builders with locally manufactured Void Forming Systems delivered with fast turn-around times.
  • Packaging: Offering customised protective packaging for Australian manufacturers seeking eco-friendly alternatives to foam.
  • Logistics: Assisting Australian shipping organisations in safeguarding their products during transit and export, reducing the risk of damaged goods and excessive fumigation costs.
  • Display: Providing environmentally conscious Australian retailers with recyclable, robust POS materials.

Our mission is to delivering peace of mind by offering Australian Made Products that simplify your life. Whether it’s ensuring a happy end user can recycle their white goods packaging or enabling an Aussie Site Manager to receive a void form delivery at short notice, we’re dedicated to instilling confidence in your organisation through high-quality Australian products and service.

Contact us today for more information on sustainable Australian solutions tailored to your organisation’s needs. As a 100% Australian owned family business that is passionate about helping others succeed, you can be guaranteed, we’ve got your back. Call 1300955002 or reach out online: Contact us – LITE CORP

Australian paper reels used in the manufacturing of LiteCorp honeycomb cardboard products

(1) Roy Morgan Research

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