Strong, Customisable Honeycomb Cardboard Pallet Separators

Protect stacked loads or separated goods with our honeycomb cardboard pallet separators and dividers. We have designed them to offer superior product protection in various situations during transit and storage.


Eco-Friendly Solution to Prevent Product Damage

Made from paper, our honeycomb cardboard pallet pads and dividers are environmentally responsible. They are biodegradable and easily recyclable while being efficient as a packaging or warehousing solution. Lightweight but strong, our pallet separators are efficient in separating layers on pallets to disperse weight. They also protect stacked loads from various forms of damage and from dirt and dust. As dividers, our honeycomb cardboards offer extra protection for glass, whitegoods and other fragile products. They reduce the risk of products being crushed or damaged while stored or while they’re being shipped.

Choose Honeycomb Cardboard Pallet Separators and Dividers

The strength of honeycomb cardboard lies in its honeycomb core design complete with sandwich layers. As a box separator or pallet pad, honeycomb cardboard is stronger and lighter than corrugated cardboard. They’re much cheaper than wood pallets making them a cost-effective option.

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